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a SCI论文
a 科研项目   
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a 奖励和荣誉       w Tailong Guo, Dingqiang Li, Muning Zhuo, Yishan Liao, Zhenyue Xie. Interactive influence of slope gradient and rainfall intensity on the erosion processes and flow hydraulics of red soil. Water Resources Management. 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s11269-015-1197-2;
SCI论文 w Tailong Guo, Quanjiu Wang, Dingqiang Li, Jie Zhuang, Laosheng Wu. Flow hydraulic characteristics effect on sediment and solute transport on slope erosion. CATENA,2013, 107: 145-157;
a EI论文 w Tailong Guo, Quanjiu Wang, Dingqiang Li, Jie Zhuang. Effect of Surface Stone Cover on Sediment and Solute Transport on the Slope of Fallowed Loess Land in a Semi-Arid Region of Northwestern China. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 2010, 10(6): 1200-1208;
a 国内论文 w Tailong Guo, Quanjiu Wang, Dingqiang Li, Laosheng Wu. Sediment and Solute Transport on Soil Slope under Simultaneous Influence of Rainfall Impact and Scouring Flow. Hydrological Processes. 2010, 24(11): 1446-1454;
a 国际会议论文 w Tailong Guo, Quanjiu Wang, Wenjuan Bai, Jie Zhuang. Effect of land use on scouring flow hydraulics and transport of soil solute in erosion. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE. 2013, 18: 465-473 ;
著书 w Gao-Ling Wei, Ding-Qiang Li*, Mu-Ning Zhuo, Yi-Shan Liao, Zhen-Yue Xie, Tai-Long Guo, Jun-Jie Li, Si-Yi Zhang and Zhi-Quan Liang. Organophosphorus flame retardants and plasticizers: Sources, occurrence, toxicity and human exposure, Environmental Pollution (IF: 4.14) 2015, 196, 29-46.
专利 w Gao-Ling Wei, Xiao-Liang Liang, Zi-Sen He, Yi-Shan Liao, Zhen-Yue Xie, Peng Liu, Shi-Chao Ji, Hong-Ping He, Ding-Qiang Li* and Jing Zhang. Heterogeneous activation of Oxone by substituted magnetites Fe3-xMxO4 (Cr, Mn, Co, Ni) for degradation of Acid OrangeⅡ at neutral pH, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical (IF: 3.62) 2015, 398, 86-94.
    w Gao-Ling Wei, Lian-Jun Bao, Ling-Chuan Guo, Zai-Cheng He, Feng-Chang Wu and Eddy Y. Zeng*. Utility of soil linear alkylbenzenes to assess regional anthropogenic influences with special reference to atmospheric transport, Science of the Total Environment (IF: 4.10) 2014, 487, 528-536.
  w Gao-Ling Wei, Liang-Ying Liu, Lian-Jun Bao and Eddy Y. Zeng*. Tracking anthropogenic influences on the continental shelf of China with sedimentary linear alkylbenzenes (LABs), Marine Pollution Bulletin (IF: 2.99) 2014, 80, 80-87.
    w Gao-Ling Wei, Eddy Y. Zeng*. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in quantifying fatty acids, Trends in Analytical Chemistry (IF: 6.47) 2011, 30, 1429-1436.
  w Zaijian Yuan, Yanjun Shen. Estimation of Agricultural Water Consumption from Meteorological and Yield Data: A Case Study of Hebei, North China. PLOS ONE,2013, 8(3), e58685
    w Zaijian YUAN, Qiangguo CAI, Yingmin CHU. A GIS-based Distributed Model of Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield:A Case Study of Typical Watershed,Sichuan Basin. International Journal of Sediment Research, 2007, 22(2):120-130(SCI/EI收录).
    w Zaijian Yuan, Yingmin Chu, Yanjun Shen. Simulation of surface runoff and sediment yield under different land-use in a Taihang Mountains watershed, North China. Soil & Tillage Research. 2015,(153):7-19.
    w Zhang SY., Li X., Zhao G., Huang Y. 2015. Surface energy fluxes and controls of evapotranspiration in three alpine ecosystems of Qinghai lake watershed, NE Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Ecohydrology: DOI: 10.1002/eco.1633.
    w Zhang Si-Yi, Li Xiao-Yan, Li Liu, Huang Yong-Mei, Zhao Guo-Qin, Chen Hui-Ying. 2015. The measurement and modeling of stemflow in an alpine myricaria squamosa community. Hydrological Processes, 29(6): 889-899.
    w Zhang Si-Yi, Li Xiao-Yan, Ma Yu-Jun, Zhao Guo-Qin, Li Liu, Chen Ji, Jiang Zhi-Yun, Huang Yong-Mei. 2014. Interannual and seasonal variability in evapotranspiration and energy partitioning over the alpine riparian shrub myricaria squamosa desv. on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 102: 8-20.
    w Zhang Si-Yi, Li Xiao-Yan, Peng Hai-Ying, Zhang Zhi-Hua. 2012. Infiltration pattern beneath shrub canopy and interspace grass patches in typical steppe ecosystems of Inner Mongolia, China. Journal of Earth Environment, 3(6): 1117-1125.
    w Li Xiao-Yan, Zhang Si-Yi, Peng Hai-Ying, Hu Xia, Ma Yu-Jun. 2013. Soil water and temperature dynamics in shrub-encroached grasslands and climatic implications: results from Inner Mongolia steppe ecosystem of north china. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 171–172: 20-30.
    w Zheng, M.G., Liao, Y.S., He, J.J*. Sediment delivery ratio of single flood events and the influencing factors in a headwater basin of the Chinese Loess Plateau .PLos One, 2014,9(11), e112594 .
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